UN Envoy in Syria to Assure Upcoming Peace Talks in Geneva

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  2. UN Envoy in Syria to Assure Upcoming Peace Talks in Geneva
    As a Saudi-Iran crisis roils the Middle East, the U.N. special envoy to Syria arrived in Damascus on Friday to lay the groundwork and prepare the peace negotiations between President Bashar Assad's government and its opponents due later this month in …
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  4. Working for world peace here at home
    "In 2016 let's hope and pray we have more world peace," an aunt commented on my Facebook page, wishing a happy new year. 2015 was a particularly violent year with the Paris and San Bernardino attacks, the continued ruthlessness of the Islamic State …
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  6. As Saudi-Iranian proxy war flares in Yemen, what hope of peace?
    With Iran accusing Saudi Arabia of bombing its embassy in Yemen, the latest installment in a wider struggle between the two regional powers, there are glimmers of hope for this neglected corner of the Middle East.
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  8. Bahrain lectures address peace
    MANAMA, Bahrain — The road to peace is long and arduous, but the journey is not in vain. This was among the main messages offered by Dr. Sawsan El-Hady in talks she delivered on 8 and 9 December, in Bahrain. An Egyptian scholar of the Arabic …
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  10. Afghan peace talks aimed at bringing Taliban to negotiating table
    The powerful chief of Pakistan's army, Raheel Sharif, also recently visited Kabul, where both sides agreed to pursue peace and reconciliation with Taliban factions willing to join the peace process. The US and China have also been supportive of the …
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  12. War and Peace is a hit. But Britain can't keep living in the past
    Who can resist War and Peace? When it was a 1,300-page Russian novel, the answer was: plenty of us. But now it's on television, its second episode airing on BBC1 on Sunday, millions of Britons find it just too tempting. Last week a quarter of the …
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